AVR-X6200W huippuarvostelu

maalis 18, 2016

HOME CINEMA CHOICE arvosteli AVR-X6200W vahvistimen ja alla muutamia lainauksia arvostelusta:

"Consider Denon's AVR-X6200W, one of the most advanced nine-channel receivers in town...."

"...while Atmos often takes a little fiddling to get the right effect, I literally did nothing for DTS:X. With 'Crimson Peak', the creaking, eerie atmosphere of the haunted house sounded immediately on the money"

"The AVR is at its best when it has a lot to do. 'John Wick' (Blu-ray, Dolby Atmos) is a wonderfully visceral experience, with a huge amount of sonic detail dispersed front and rear."

"The amp is rated at 9 x 140W (8ohms), and exhibits no shortfall in power. It's able to deliver swinging transients. In medium-sized rooms, it'll do justice to blockbusters, but can also etch with a much finer, more precise brush."

"The sheer scale of the Denon's output is showcased brilliantly by 'Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation'. This outlandish romp uses Dolby Atmos to magnify the height and width of the stunts. The motorcycle race is extraordinarily exhilarating..."

"I'm really excited by the AVR-X6200W. This 9.2 movie machine has the tools to delight cinephiles, with a spec that should ensure uncompromised entertainment. Once rescued from Audyssey calibration it proved to be lithe, muscular and musical."

WE SAY: "The crisp, powerful delivery, ease of use and all-round modern specification make this AVR an instant hit..."