Denon Home 150 - Small size, big sound, easy to use

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Perfect for smaller rooms, the Denon Home 150 can help kickstart your day or get you in the mood to party with your favourite music at your fingertips. With its ease of use, anyone in the family can enjoy this speaker with the tap of a button.


Meet the Denon Home 150


 Denon Home 150 - Meet the Denon Home 150-02


The Denon Home 150 is a compact, wireless speaker from the Denon Home Series. Available In stylish white and classic black, the Denon Home 150 blends seamlessly in any décor. The dirt and water repellent design is perfect for any room in the house, or for keeping your kids happy with their favourite tunes while you work. Even the smallest hands can have their favourite music at their fingertips.

  • It delivers great sound from a compact speaker
  • With three quick select buttons, your favourite music is always at your fingertips
  • Convenient voice control and multi-room functionality with HEOS Built-in


Your favourite music is always at your fingertips


 Denon Home 150 - Your music is always at your fingertips


The top of the unit has a handy touchpad with three Quick Select buttons so you can easily store your favourite Internet radio stations or music source and enjoy them whenever you want without searching. To activate the Quick Select buttons, simply hold and press one for three seconds while listening. This could be Spotify or a digital radio station for example. The speaker's LED will then flash to confirm the button was assigned to that source. So, if you want to quickly listen to a local radio DJ, simply press the assigned Quick Select button. Want to seamlessly switch from playing your favourite podcast via Spotify from your headphones to the Denon Home 150. Tap another Quick Select button and continue where you left off. There are even more clever functions on the touch panel. Find out more here.


Convenient control


Denon Home 150 - Convenient Control 


The Denon Home 150 works with the latest voice assistants. Use a smart speaker or your phone and simply speak your commands with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Apple Siri. Ask to play music, turn up the volume, skip to the next track and more. With HEOS Built-in, every room in your home can have its own sound. Or, group additional Denon Home speakers, sound bars, network player or AV receivers to fill the house with the same song, using your home network. With HEOS Built-in, multi-room means multiple options.


Fantastic listening experience with room-filling sound


Denon Home 150 - Fantastic listening experience with room-filling sound 


Don't be fooled by the compact size. The Denon Home 150 is small but can easily fill the room with sound. Thanks to advanced hardware, expertly tuned digital signal processing, and premium drivers, the Denon Home 150 offers clear highs and deep lows. When It's time to energize your day, turn up the volume and everyone can enjoy the Impressive acoustic performance based on 110 years of sound Innovation.


Get to know more about the Denon Home 150

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Experience the renowned Denon sound in a compact style, suitable for smaller rooms.


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