The Denon Home series fills your home with superb wireless sound. The stunning Denon Home 250 with its expansive sound stage wows as a singular speaker. Pair it with another Home 250 for stereo or combine it with other HEOS Built-in products and get your music everywhere with multi-room audio.


Enjoy exceptional sound in any room you like with the Denon Home 250. Stream your favourite music effortlessly and make use of quick pre-selections with just a gentle touch. Experience impressive acoustic performance, based on 110 years of sound innovation.



Like every Denon the Home 250 is built to deliver amazing audio quality. With advanced acoustic hardware, expertly tuned digital signal processing and premium drivers, the Denon Home 250 delivers the clearest highs and deepest lows. Experience excellence in every beat.


    With the help of the three quick select buttons you can easily store your favourite Internet radio stations to enjoy them whenever you want, without the hassle of searching.


    The HEOS App is all you need to get started. Download it from the Apple Store or the Play Store and integrate the Denon Home 250 into your home network within minutes. Control everything easily with your mobile device.


    Pair two Denon Home 250 speakers using the HEOS app and enjoy true stereo. Denon Home 250 speakers work as left and right speakers to provide a Hi-Fi quality system, just without the system. Even listen to your Hi-Res collection with the accuracy and attention to detail your music deserves.


    Immerse yourself in wireless sound. Just connect a pair of Denon Home 250’s with a DHT-S716H sound bar and a DSW-1H subwoofer to create a full surround 5.1 home theatre setup.


With HEOS Built-in, every room in your home can have its own sound. Or, group additional Denon Home speakers, sound bars, network player or AV receivers to fill the house with the same song, using your home network. With HEOS Built-in, multi-room means multiple options.



With its elegant design and its exquisite materials the Denon Home 250 is striking enough to catch the attention at first glance. And yet it is subtle enough to blend into your style perfectly, meeting highest aesthetic demands. A water- and stain-resistant wraparound cloth adds greater flexibility of placement, so you can enjoy great Denon sound in the kitchen or bathroom. Black or white? Choose your Denon Home 250.



Start your musical adventure with the slightest touch. The new proximity sensing high-end interface is activated as soon as your hand approaches. The capacitive buttons light up for you to touch, allowing for full, seamless control of the Denon Home 250.




  • "Denon Home 250 plays really great [...]. Even at the highest volume level, we have a clean sound, balanced bass. (-) It is a real treat for the ear. Denon's Home series is definitely mixing up the multi-room speaker market. There was a shortage of such products."
  • "In addition to a really room-filling sound with massive bass power, smooth treble and lively midtones, I really like the stylish, simple design. The high-quality choice of materials and the meticulous workmanship also make the Denon Home 250 score in my eyes. But what I found most inspiring: Thanks to the HEOS app, setup and control are so simple that even beginners can set up a complete multi-room solution in just a few minutes."
  • "I have seldom experienced a loudspeaker with such a balanced sound as the Denon Home 250 in this price and size range. It [...] is unrivalled among classic loudspeaker-amplifier combinations. Two Denon Home 250 coupled as a stereo pair should also be a serious alternative to the old hi-fi systems of the last decade in terms of sound quality."
  • Fara prea multe cuvine, asteptam demulti aceste noi boxe wireless multiroom. Nimic rau de spus despre boxele HEOS, dar apar noi tehnologii pe care ele nu le au integrate. Acum, avem un design nou si fresh, functionalitati noi si nu in ultimul rand, un sunet bun. Denon este pregatit sa intampine viitorul cu noua serie Home. Sigur, aceste boxe nu sunt ieftine, dar primesti exact ceea ce te astepti pentru pretul platiti.
  • "The Denon Home 250 scores with its reserved, noble appearance, to which the attribute "timeless" fits perfectly, as well as with its elaborate amplifier layout and the spatially immensely dense, neatly resolving sound. In a smaller living room it can without doubt pass as a fully-fledged acoustic solution. The control via Heos App is comfortable, the range of streaming services is wide."
  • "Despite its compact exterior, the Denon Home 250 scores with impressive sound, good equipment and workmanship, numerous music services and a successful app."
  • "Denons Home 250 convinces with a room-filling sound and a surprising bass performance. Added to this are soft highs, lively mids and a truly stylish and classic design. The impressive choice of high-quality materials and careful workmanship also make the Denon Home 250 a winner. What's most inspiring: Setup and control are so easy thanks to the HEOS app."
  • "Powerful, scalable, connected, smart and versatile, the Denon Home 250 is an attractive and versatile solution for all the needs of music and/or home theater enthusiasts. An excellent synthesis."
  • "The Denon Home 250 and Denon Home 350 speakers are as easy to install and use as ever thanks to the Heos application. They deliver a balanced and harmonious sound that is perfect for listening to music in rooms from 20 to 30 m²."
  • "With the Smart-Box Home 250, Denon presents a compact and powerful loudspeaker for wireless music enjoyment across multiple rooms. Whether online streaming services such as Spotify and Amazon music, web radio via TuneIn or stationary audio sources such as USB sticks and TVs, the Home 250 offers an intuitive and intensive music experience of a special kind thanks to its user-friendly Heos App and practical direct selection buttons."
  • "Home games are the best. Owners of the Denon Home 250 can justifiably claim this. Because the multi-room loudspeaker combines a whole bundle of positive features. Not only does it sound excellent, but thanks to HEOS integration, it also functions as the perfect control centre for music streaming in one or more rooms via WLAN, Bluetooth and AirPlay 2. The application is characterised by a high level of user comfort and unproblematic handling. In addition, the Home 250 pleases with its high-quality fabric covering and the chic surface with a smart proximity sensor."
  • “Denon gave us another successful network loudspeaker, which even on its own can do well, and in stereo configuration it can be an alternative to a budget hi-fi system. A pair of 250 HOMEs will play good even in a large room, building a wall of powerful sound built on deep bass. The unquestionable advantage of such a solution are small dimensions and easy installation of speakers, the possibility of placing them on dedicated stands or hanging on a wall, not to mention the functionality of HEOS application. Audiophiles will be interested in the possibility of playing hi-res files and compatibility with Roon system [...]. I have no doubt that it will be successful.”
  • "Whether in the bathroom, kitchen, office or living room, Denon's three new smart speakers; the Home 150, Home 250 and Home 350 offer powerful music streaming to meet the highest demands. The choice of possible music sources is enormous, the application intuitive, and the possibilities almost limitless. Whether Internet radio, online music services, HiRes or Bluetooth music streaming, Denon's multi-room system offers great possibilities for digital music enjoyment at home."
  • "Denon Home 250 is a well-rounded product that can be connected with a multitude of services and technologies, so that most users will satisfy their needs with it. The sound is very good in every way and the device is very easy to use. And if you are looking for a solution to easily listen to music in your home or workspace, you should definitely consider Home 250."
  • Single Streaming Speaker of the Year 2020/21
    "Music on demand throughout the house with the dependability of this Japanese hi-fi company. They are wireless and come in different sizes and powers so that you can create your own quality system in one room or distribute them throughout the house. The sound quality is a delight and all the multimedia possibilities offered by its connectivity put the icing on the cake of this Denon Home. It's the best choice for 2020 to have a connected smart home with good sound."


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