Denon Home 250 - Great sound to start your day

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There's no better way to start your day than by filling your room with great sound. Would you like to tune in to your favourite radio station, or resume listening to your podcast via Spotify?  With the Denon Home 250 this is always at your fingertips. Experience the convenience and class of a speaker that is easy to use via both the touchpad and the HEOS app.


Introducing the family friendly Denon Home 250


 Denon Home 250 - Introducing the family friendly Denon Home 250


The Denon Home 250 fills any room you want with the full, bombastic and balanced sound you've come to expect from us. Moreover, with its sleek design and futuristic touch pad, it is a stylish addition to your interior. The Denon Home 250 is the middle model from the impressive Denon Home Series, where ease of use and exceptional sound are paramount. That’s why all these speakers are wireless and easy to install via the HEOS app on your phone, and will fill your room with beautiful sound.


Your favourite music at your fingertips


 Denon Home 250 - Your favourite music at your fingertips


The futuristic touch pad of the Denon Home 250 is a real eye-catcher, but it's also functional. With the three Quick Select buttons, your favourite music is always at your fingertips. You decide what you assign the three Quick Select buttons to. This could be Spotify or your favourite radio stations: the choice is yours. While listening, simply hold one of the three Quick Select buttons for three seconds. The LED light will then flash to indicate that you have now assigned this source to that particular button. Assigning doesn’t get any easier than that. There are even more clever functions on the touch panel. Find out more here.


Denon Home 250: also easy to control via the HEOS app


Denon Home 250 - also easy to control via the HEOS app


The three Quick Select buttons are the perfect way to quickly set up your favourite music when you're near the Denon Home 250. But what if you're already comfortable on the sofa and don't feel like moving? There's no need to get up, because the HEOS app lets you easily stream your favourite music wirelessly.

Using the HEOS app, you can also search for radio stations and browse through the music of the services you added, such as Spotify, Tidal and Deezer. The great thing about this is that everyone can create their own HEOS account at home and everyone can compile their own list of favourites. So not only do you always have your music at your fingertips, but so does your partner, children, or housemates.


Light up the room


Denon Home 250 - Light up the room 


With a wireless speaker from Denon, you can count on two things: you get the best sound and the speaker will never look out of place in your home. The Denon Home 250 features four built-in speakers which provide a balanced sound that plays both high and low tones clearly even when the volume is high.

The sleek design with its touch pad looks great and can find its place in any room. You have a choice of two neutral colours, white or black. Whichever variant you choose: the design is water and dirt repellent, so feel free to place it In the bathroom to liven up your morning routine. Wireless convenience: that's what the Denon Home 250 is all about.


Songs start your day


Check out our playlist covering a selection of songs to start your day the right way - by filling your room with great sound.


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