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03 Sep, 2018
Introducing the new Denon 800 Series

We're excited to introduce the all-new 800NE series, which combines our most advanced technologies with up-to-the-minute facilities to deliver superb sound and convenience

07 Dec, 2017
DCD-100 and DRA-100 - An elegant pair

The network stereo receiver DRA-100 and the DCD-100 CD player were aimed at demanding hi-fi listeners who value a high-quality, compact design.

23 Nov, 2017

Denon's 11-channel receiver is a feature-rich, one box solution to running a full 7.1.4 home cinema, even adding Auro3D format support to the expected Dolby Atmos/DTS:X roster.

21 Sep, 2017
Amazon Muisc now available on HEOS and HEOS enabled Av Receivers.

Denon®, a leading manufacturer of premium home and personal audio products, announces an exciting partnership with Amazon to give HEOS users, incl. HEOS enabled AV receivers, a new option for music streaming with one of the industry's most electrifying services. The HEOS wireless multi-room sound system lets users access their Amazon Music account directly through the HEOS app, which is available for iOS, Android™* and Kindle Fire.

05 Sep, 2017
Denon PMA-1600NE Wins Hi-Fi Choice Amplifier Group Test

A terrific amp that does it all and sounds fabulous as it does so. The remarkably complete and sonically gifted Denon PMA-1600NE combines stunning resolution and drive with uncommon grace and subtlety. It's no style statement, but whether digital or analogue, it's the best in its class and quite beautifully built to boot.

16 Aug, 2017
Denon HEOS AVR AV Receiver Review - AV Forums

For those who are either looking for a less intimidating AVR or like the idea of having wireless rear speakers, then this is undoubtedly a product that is worth considering. In fact even a knowledgeable AV enthusiast would be happy with this receiver, as long as they don't want a system with more than five channels. As a result, thanks to its combination of design, features and performance, we're happy to award the HEOS AVR a Recommended badge.

01 Jun, 2017

It doesn't come much better than a 5 star award from What Hi-Fi and that was exactly their reaction when they reviewed the D-M41DAB earlier this month.

26 Apr, 2017
Say Hello to the HEOS Bar

The HEOS Bar is a 3- channel soundbar with a dedicated centre speaker. You will be stunned by the virtual surround sound effects and the clarity of dialogues.

21 Apr, 2017
Denon HEOS HS2 Review – Multi-room Audio Bliss

The HEOS (Home Entertainment Operating System) wireless multi-room sound system enables you to enjoy your music in superb fidelity throughout your wirelessly connected home, with a simple very nearly plug-and-play set up. Within minutes, you'll be playing music from your own library - or a plethora of digital streaming music services. Everything is controlled via a free downloadable app for iOS or Android. Neat!

05 Apr, 2017


Denon AVR-X4300H Dolby Atmos HEOS AV receiver: Verdict

"When it comes to functionality, the AVR-X4300H is bang on trend, and the price point seems just right. This receiver sounds exciting in full Dolby Atmos flight, and it does a fine job with high-quality music sources. The addition of HEOS multiroom support further sweetens the package. We rate the AVR-X4300H as an outstanding mid-range home cinema proposition."

07 Mar, 2017

The revolutionary Denon HEOS AVR: surround yourself with thrilling movie sound and fill your home with music - without the wires.

06 Dec, 2016

We are proud to announce two additions to our New Era audiophile range, designed to bring studio-quality sound into the home. 

17 Nov, 2016
Great result for AVR-X6300H at test in HomeCinema/Poland

Another great review for the AVR-X6300H from HomeCinema/Poland. It got awarded as 'Recommended' and 'Product Reference'

The Verdict - 

"The latest Denon receiver, the AVR-6300H is aimed at the most demanding users. Undoubtedly, has its place among the leaders of the most powerful receivers on the market."  

11 Nov, 2016
Great review for the PMA-2500NE - Lyd&Bilde /Scandinavia

Denon has received a great review for the PMA-2500NE from Lyd&Bilde /Scandinavia. The award is a "Special Recommendation Award"

The verdict:

"Denon's latest integrated amplifier is a great sounding jewel which covers the needs of most audiophiles and sounds like a much more expensive model."

15 Aug, 2016
Denon receives prestigious EISA Award for its AVR-X2300W AV Receiver!

Denon receives prestigious EISA Award for its AVR-X2300W AV Receiver!

The badge is reserved for the single best products within their categories chosen by a panel of 15 expert judges - the editors of specialist audio magazines from across Europe, who have been running the awards for 33 years.

11 Jul, 2016

The Denon CEOL RCD-N9 receives a superb five star review in BBC Music magazine. The review notes "performance is exceptional, producing a beautifully composed, room-filling sound that's far greater than anything you'd expect from a unit this small"

30 Jun, 2016
Denon AVR-X2300W 5 STARS!

Once again, the Denon AVR-X2300W is awarded with the WHAT HI-FI  5 STARS! It also passed with flying colours in an in-depth 3-page FIRST TEST review in the new August issue of WHAT HI-FI magazine!

30 May, 2016
Denon AVR-X7200WA is Best of the Best!

The Denon AVR-X7200WA is the overall winner of an extended Group Test of AV Receivers just published on the AV Forums, beating strong competitors from Anthem, Arcam, Pioneer and even Yamaha.  

14 Mar, 2016
Great Review of Denon 2500NE Series The well-respected German magazine Stereo is impressed by these new heavy hi-fi components and considers them to be “outstanding” and “excellent” with regards to their price-performance ratio.
07 Mar, 2016
T3 Recommends – The Most Entertaining Tech in the World Today

T3 from UK have released The Most Entertaining Tech in the World Today edition in which both Denon and Marantz feature.  The best being HEOS receiving the T3 Recommends – Most Entertaining Multi-Room award and standing up to tough competitors as B&W, Bluesound and especially Sonos. (Provocative) Quote: The battle between Denon and Sonos is bloody, and there have been casualties – Sonos’s Play:5 crumbled in the face of the HEOS 7 [...] HEOS is still the best overall multi-room audio system [...]  The sound reproduction is stunning, and app control is tighter than a tourniquet.


16 Feb, 2016
Denon 2016 AVR Remote App

Our brand new app for iOS, Android and Kindle Fire will give you an unprecedented level of command and control over your network-ready Denon AV Receivers*. Most remarkably,...[ ]

26 Jan, 2016
Five star review of the DENON DRA-100 in BBC Music The Denon DRA100 featured on the Audio page as the “BBC Music Choice Product” also receiving a 5 star review and Logo. "The treble is crisp and pin sharp, while the bass frequencies are taut and suitably dense."
07 Jan, 2016
HEOS® by Denon Featured in NGHTV’s "SmartHome" Series at the 2016 CES Show Anywhere sounds amazing with the HEOS by Denon wireless multi-room sound system featured in the NGHTV SmartHome at the 2016 CES show. HEOS speakers are a perfect fit for the home, which highlights products tied to Wi-Fi, a key attribute as SmartHomes continue to adapt to mobile and digital age. To see coverage of the SmartHome on NextGen Home TV click here.
11 Nov, 2015
Denon DRA-100 5 Stars and RECOMMENDED logo in Hi-Fi Choice review The DRA-100 is awarded with the Hi-Fi Choice RECOMMENDED logo and a 5 Star rating. The review also includes a Q&A with Terry O’Connell. HI-FI CHOICE SAID; “…decent bass weight and definition, plenty of detail to capture the attention, but an overall sense of easygoing smoothness and refinement.” “By any standards the Denon DRA-100 is a fine-sounding amplifier, well suited to use with a wide range of speakers; that it also offers so much in terms of functionality makes it an even more compelling buy.” “A highly attractive and well-equipped compact amplifier, with a refined and generous sound.”
09 Oct, 2015
DENON AVR-X3200W - Audiovision And another test for our AVR-X3200: In the current issue of audivision, we have been tested against Pioneer, Yamaha and Onkyo. In this test we earned the award “Testsieger” (best of the test).
16 Sep, 2015
HEOS HOMECINEMA - HiFi Vision Sept2015 HEOS HOMECINEMA - HiFi Vision Sept2015 In the current issue of HiFi Vision our HEOS HomeCinema was tested and earns the award hervorragend (excellent) and 4,5 of 5 stars.
10 Dec, 2014
Denon Envaya DSB-200 makes Mashable’s list of the Best Tech of 2014!

Exciting news- The Denon Envaya DSB-200 has been named to Mashable’s list of the Best Tech of 2014!


The Mashable Tech Team chose only 12 tech products to be awarded the coveted designation of “Best of Tech 2014.” Chosen for “quality” and “impact,” Denon’s Envaya made the list.

04 Jun, 2014
Happiness is ENVAYA Finally, a portable Premium Bluetooth Speaker from the Hi-Fi specialists at Denon.    
16 Apr, 2014
NEW! Envaya


Finally, a portable Premium Bluetooth Speaker from the Hi-Fi specialists at Denon.

10 Mar, 2014
DHT-T100 4.5 Stars from Pocket Lint

The DHT-T100 has already had some amazing reviews, and Pocket Lint have recently given it an amazing 4.5 stars out of 5.

"It's the price point paired with the good all-around performance that makes the Denon DHT-T100 an attractive prospect"

"The Denon DHT-T100 excels..."

To read the full review please click here.

For more information on the DHT-T100 please click here.

06 Mar, 2014
DA-300 USB T3 Best DAC to buy 2014

"Best DAC to buy 2014" described as "a corker" the DA-300 USB features in the T3 DAC round up.

To read the full review please click here.

To see more information on the DA-300 please click here.

17 Feb, 2014
AVR X4000 recieved "Recommended" from AV Forums

AV Forums have awarded the X4000 AV Receiver the "Recommended" award in their latest review.

"The build quality is excellent, with a well engineered feel and a very solid construction."

"The overall sound quality was excellent, with a detailed, lively and enjoyable surround experience that had plenty of bass presence…"

To read the full Review please click here.

For more information on the X4000 please click here.

11 Feb, 2014
Cocoon Steam is "The One to Buy" - Q Magazine.

Described as ‘a standout wireless speaker in a market flooded with them’, the Cocoon Stream was awarded "The One to Buy" from Q Magazine in their "Speakers Corner" feature on the Q Review Gadgets pages.

To see more on the Cocoon Stream please click here.

07 Feb, 2014
CEOL Gold Award

Bringing home the Gold Award from Roundreviews the CEOL has really come out on top.

 "The sound quality of this system is incredible and the endless list of features packed into it would certainly seal the deal if we were buying!”.  

To read the full review please click here or to see the amazing CEOL please click here.

30 Jan, 2014
Cocoon Stream becomes Test Winner and recieves 5 Stars

The Cocoon Stream stormed to the Number 1 spot in the "Home Audio" Section of the March 2014 edition of T3. Winning both a Test Winner award and also receiving a 5 Star award.   

"An affordable and crowd-pleasing AirPlay dock that also plays nicely with Android"

For more information on the Cocoon Stream please click here

22 Jan, 2014
CEOL Piccolo - 5 Stars from MacUser

The CEOL Piccolo has no shortage of awards and MacUser has now awarded this "Musical Genius" product 5 Stars.

"The CEOL Piccolo is a sleek-looking mini hifi solution that produces great-sounding audio"

For more information on the CEOL Piccolo please click here.

08 Jan, 2014
Denon Sound Bar win 5 Stars from Stuff

The Denon DHT-T100 Sound Bar has come out on top to be "Group Test Winner" in the Stuff Magazine category "All Bases Covered", it also received a Stuff 5 Star Review.

"Denon excels whether beefing up the TV or blasting out tunes" Stuff - Feb 2014

For more on the DHT-T100 please see here.

07 Jan, 2014
AH-D340 T3 Test Winner

The Denon AH-D340's have been awarded the T3 Test Winner Badge in a group test of "Super 'phones"

"Hit play and you're treated to a warm sound and precise detail"

See the review here

For more information on the AH-D340 please click here

06 Jan, 2014
AVR-4520 AV Forums "Product of the Year"

"The Denon has 9-Channels of amplification and enough power to blow you through the back wall"

"Denon have been making AV receivers for a long time, producing some real classics over the years and this experience shines through on the AVR-4520."

For more on the Denon AVR-4520 click here

06 Jan, 2014
DHT-T100 recieves 9/10 from GQ

The latest issue of GQ Magazine awards the DHT-T100 9/10 beating the other sound bases to become "Test Winner" 

"The sound is powerful, with the 'Virtual Surround' putting you right in the middle of the action."

For more information on the DHT-T100 please click here

23 Dec, 2013

In the current issue of Audiovision (12/2013), the AVR-X4000 convinced the reviewers with its “good sound and versatile features” and earned a HIGHLIGHT logo. 

23 Dec, 2013
X4000 recieves Best Buy from HCC

The Denon X4000 AVR is awarded the "Best Buy" award receiving four stars from Home Cinema Choice.

"Indeed, immersive nature of the AVR X4000's surround soundfield is a consistent joy..."

Verdict: "Engaging multichannel delivery; generous connectivity; excellent network streaming and content support"

06 Dec, 2013
Denon AVR-X1000 receives outstanding test results

The DENON receiver AVRX1000 received an outstanding test result in the well known magazine “HEIMKINO”.  

 “The AVR-X1000 is an excellent recommendation for anyone looking for a small budget, good sounding and modern AV receiver. His numerous multimedia options are available on top.” “The remote control is very user friendly, important buttons are self-illuminating.” 

“The five power amplifiers of the AVR-X1000 are potent and produce a clear, natural and detailed sound with both, music and movies.”  

See the results here

TESTWINNER in Stiftung Warentest 11/2013

“Outstanding spatiality and precise bass”

“The Denon AVR-X1000 delivers an impressive performance. Visually, it appears restrained and elegant. However, the receiver particularly impressed acoustically. With it’s with his sovereign sound, the AVR-X1000 sets new standards in the class up to 400

Euros.” (Area DVD 16.04.2013)

02 Dec, 2013
Denon launches its new Cocoon Stream

Denon launches its new Cocoon Stream: a Wireless Music System combining music streaming from any mobile platform with a unique feature set for a most comfortable listening experience.

08 Nov, 2013
Denon provides high-quality Hi-Fi System for new Peugeot 308

Denon, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high-quality home entertainment products, is proud to announce its cooperation with French car manufacturer Peugeot to provide a new high-quality in-car Hi-Fi System for the Peugeot 308. 

01 Nov, 2013
Denon Cocoon Stream DSD-501 - What Hi Fi Award Winner

Denon’s innovative Cocoon range is already into its second generation with this, the Cocoon Stream, or DSD-501, winning top honours for Wireless Music Sytems £150-300 in the 2013 What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision Awards. Connecting to your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch using Apple AirPlay, as well as streaming music over a home network, the Cocoon Stream can be controlled using the sleek handset supplied, or a neat (and free) app.  The What Hi-Fi? Team says this is ‘a great-sounding speaker that’s easy to set up and use – we think it would be a great replacement for an ageing system.‘

01 Nov, 2013
Reviews of the CEOL Check out this Youtube Video - a short clip to highlight the excellent awards / reviews of the Ceol´s
01 Oct, 2013
Denon AH-D340, Number 1 headphones! (in The latest high-end offering from Denon, these studio-quality  headphones provide 360-degree  audio articulation thanks to their impressive two-axis ear-cup design. The headphones also combine with  the Denon Audio app, which allows  you to create custom EQ curves to optimise your listening experience via your smartphone.

Read the full review here
16 Sep, 2013
Simply better TV sound with Denon DHT-T100 TV Speaker Base - coming soon to SA!

Denon, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high-quality HiFi systems, today introduced its new single unit TV Speaker Base: the DHT-T100, a product designed to answer an increasing problem. These days, TVs are becoming thinner and thinner. And although the visual quality is steadily enhancing, the thinness of the TV is affecting the audio performance – the sets just don’t have the solidity and depth required to produce natural deep bass. By drawing on expert knowledge and input from its HiFi business, the Denon DHT-T100 TV Speaker Base supplies that extra depth to ensure a full and satisfying sound that finally lives up to the modern TV’s visual standards.

08 Sep, 2013
Denon AVR-X2000 5 star award winner in What HiFi magazine ( August 2013 issue )

Denon continues a fresh new range of products with the new AVR-X2000 being awarded 5 stars by What HiFi magazine ( August Edition ). The AVR-X2000 was engaged in a group test fight with 4 other massive consumer electronic brands. "Denon has come out fighting with a truly en tertaining sound for movies and music".

28 May, 2013
Great AVR-X4000 review from Audiohilics, US

Denon AVR-X4000 AV Receiver Introduction

The Denon AVR-X4000 has been given the daunting task of replacing Denon's long standing 3000 series of receivers, the last of which was the AVR-3313CI. Said task is not easy, as the competition in the receiver price range is fierce, and more often than not brand new receiver lines are a step backwards in quality. However, much to our delight, Denon struck a perfect balance with the AVR-X4000. Some receiver manufacturers go feature happy with their models and forget to make sure each feature actually works well. Other receiver manufacturers can’t seem to keep up with the market and their products are consistently behind the curve. Denon, however, hit the nail on the head with this unit, including some new features not found on any Denon receiver (at any price point) in prior models. The AVR-X4000 packs all of the features expected at this price point (3D, HDMI/4k upscaling, assignable inputs, HDMI standby pass-though, ARC, etc, etc) while at the same time is audio centric enough to appeal to the audiophile, configurable enough for the custom installer, and feature laden enough for the Gen-Xer.

26 May, 2013
Denon upgrades its Cocoon Wireless Music Systems with a unique feature set

Denon is offering current and future owners of a Cocoon Home or Cocoon Portable Wireless Music System an extensive feature upgrade. The firmware upgrade is available for free to owners of a Cocoon Home or Cocoon Portable through the built-in update assistant. A step by step YouTube video shows how to upgrade the Wireless Music Systems in no time: Watch the video.

30 Apr, 2013
What HiFi: Denon AVR-X2000 gets 5 stars Exciting times for us, as we’re getting our hands on the first AV receivers for 2013: stepping up now is the Denon AVR-X2000. Denon hopes its new X-series of amps will have the X-factor that, if we’re being harsh judges, hasn’t quite been there for a few years. The AVR-X2000 is right on the price sweet spot, and takes the place of the four-star Denon AVR-2113 from the 2012 range.
30 Apr, 2013
Denon has unveiled three Home Cinema Receivers from the brand new X Series

Denon's AVR-X2000, AVR-X1000 and AVR-500 are taken from the next level of 3D AV Receivers. These latest models deliver on the Denon promise to provide consumers with new levels of user friendliness, cutting edge performance benefits and the perfect home entertainment solutions for every budget and lifestyle need.

09 Apr, 2013
The CEOL Piccolo continues to impress The world’s best-selling classical magazine has awarded the Denon CEOL Piccolo a stunning five star review and the coveted 'BBC Music Choice' award in its latest issue (May 2013)    
27 Mar, 2013
Denon AH-D600s receive the CNET Editors' Choice award (March 2013).

Influential tech website, CNET has published a fantastic review of the Denon AH-D600 headphones culminating in the Editors' Choice award. According to this article, the D600s are "extremely comfortable to wear" and "their modern design, coupled with superb comfort and sound quality make them an excellent choice for those of you who want to take a step up in quality from the Beats range."

17 Jul, 2011
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14 Jun, 2011
Denon Ceol - We need your vote for T3 gadget awards! The Denon Ceol has been voted for the categories "Gadget of the year" and "Music gadget of the year" in the T3 Gadget awards. Help us make this a double success by voting for it. Click read for the link...
21 Mar, 2011
Denon AVR-4311 wins best buy!! Our flagship AVR-4311 has been awarded Home Cinema Choice Best Buy ( May 2011 Issue ). “The AVR-4311 is a new amplifier, completely redesigned internally and bristling with features that allow it to boldly go where no AV receiver has gone before.” The review finished on a very positive note stating “get down to your dealer today and demand a demo – and take your credit card…..”
10 Mar, 2011
Ceol gets 5 star award from Stuff Magazine April issue The worlds best selling gadget magazine “Stuff” has awarded the Denon Ceol (RCD-N7) with 5 full dazzling stars in its April 2011 issue. Against 4 other manufacturers, Stuff magazines review editor commented “When it comes to technology the Ceol walks the test. For less than half the price of the Naim Unitiqute you get a system that will please all but the most demanding ears, along with seamless, wireless streaming from iThings and integration with on-demand music services. It’s truly a micro system fit for 2011!” Whatever way you want to pronounce it we have to agree that it’s a pretty “Ceol” review
17 Jan, 2011
AirPlay has landed!! Denon upgrade for AirPlay music streaming is now available. This feature upgrade allows users to easily stream music from their iTunes collections - as well as directly from their compatible iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to their Denon components with just the tap of a finger. The upgrade is available for purchase to owners of three existing Denon AV receivers the AVR-4311, AVR-3311 and the companys 100th Anniversary product collection model AVR-A100 through for £39. The Ceol upgrade will follow starting end of January.
06 Dec, 2010
EMBRACING NEW MEDIA DenonUK launches social media campaign We have launched a fantastic Facebook page allowing fans to get up to the minute information FAST! Become a fan and you could be in with the chance of owning up to £500 worth of Denon Kit. This includes a pair of AH-C600 noise cancelling headphones along with the highly acclaimed D-M38 Microsystem. Watch our latest videos on YouTube at or follow our every ‘tweet’ on twitter Never before could a Denon fan get this close and personal, so come on, join in and see what all the fuss is about!
15 Nov, 2010
Denon DCD-1510AE is "Highly Commended". Hi-Fi News & Record Review magazine delivers a superb ‘Highly Commended’ verdict to the ‘muscular’ sounding and looking Denon DCD-1510AE. Joining its Marantz cousin on the verdict page, the Denon sees off rivals from the likes of Roksan and Naim. (December 2010 issue)
24 Oct, 2010
Denon PMA-1510AE HI-i-Fi Choice Winner 2010 Previously described as producing a very smooth and refined sound- Detailed and crisp, yet well balanced and clean. The PMA 1510 has come to the forefront against worthy competitors in winning the "Integrated" category of the BEST amplifier awards in Hi-Fi Choice Magazine Awards Issue. "The 1510AE won us over with a clean and immediate sonic performance, coupled with a power output that is up to the task of driving virtually any speaker it is likely to encounter. For the price it also enjoys excellent fit and finish and an extensive feature set, including bypassable tone controls and a good quality MM/MC phono stage. A worthy winner".
14 Sep, 2010
Experience the new Denon website! Just in time with our 100th anniversary, Denon offers you a whole new online experience. Browse through our brand new website with lots of features and more fun.
15 Jun, 2010
New anniversary microsite online To celebrate the 100th anniversary, Denon today launched a brand new microsite. Experience our legacy of product and technological firsts, our passion and our leadership, and preview our special-edition anniversary product collection. Become a part of the online anniversary festivities under
09 May, 2010
Denon Launch Microsite The long anticipated Cara S5BD Microsite was officially launched last week. Be one of the first to view this at either of the following links:
21 Mar, 2010
Denon completes their new stereo line-up Denon completes their new stereo line-up with high-performance PMA-1510AE and DCD-1510AE stereo combination. The PMA-1510AE integrated amplifier features a newly developed construction with strictly selected parts for high sound quality.
12 Mar, 2010
Feature upgrade for AVR-3310 To emphasize the future-ready expandability of our AV products, Denon offers a feature upgrade for the AVR-3310.
10 Feb, 2010
360° of perfection: CARA by Denon We introduce the CARA, a single-component home entertainment solution that elegantly combines an audiophile grade 5.1-channel surround sound receiver with an advanced Blu-ray player.
04 Feb, 2010
Home Cinema Choice 5 Stars for Denon DVD-A1UD The flagship DVD-A1UD surpasses its rivals with infinite power and grace. Positioned at the very summit of contemporary, high-end Blu-Ray, the DVD-A1UD has been bestowed with a review from Home Cinema Choice magazine laden with superlatives.
05 Jan, 2010
AVR-4310 on Trusted Reviews TrustedReviews, by far and away the biggest online UK technology review site gives the AVR-4310 a wonderful “9 out of 10” write-up, with a coveted Trusted Reviews ‘Recommended’ award.
08 Nov, 2009
DVD-A1UD in Hi-Fi News magazine The Hi-Fi News ‘Yearbook 2009’ includes the Denon DVD-A1UD in its collection of the year’s ‘Ultimate Hi-Fi’. See this issue for an in-depth review and technical test of the world’s first hi-end Universal Blu Ray Player.
19 Oct, 2009
What Hi-Fi? Sound & Vision Awards for Denon The influential magazine christened the AVR-1910 its AV receiver "Product of the Year", while the AVR-2310 was declared the best AV receiver between £500 and £1000.
27 Aug, 2009
AVR-1910 wins EISA Best Product Award See the new issue of Hi-Fi News dated October 2009 for details of this years EISA Awards in Europe. The AVR-1910 wins the “European HT Receiver 2009-10” Category.
03 Aug, 2009
Group test win for D-M37DAB in T3! The D-M37DAB tops a style hi-fi system group test in the latest issue of T3: "..., classic design and high-end audio engineering...
30 Jun, 2009
Denon E-Mails We have been experiencing some technical issues with our e-mail system.
27 Jun, 2009
DVD-A1UD - The new Reference DENON completes its flagship Home Entertainment System with the ultimate high-end Blu-ray Universal Player DVD-A1UD.
17 Jun, 2009
New entry-class AVRs DENON introduce a new, three-strong line-up of home cinema receivers. The range comprises the entry-level, five-channel AVR-1610 as well as the seven channel models AVR-1910 and AVR-2310.