In-Ear Headphones AH-C621R with Remote + Microphone


In-Ear Headphones AH-C621R with Remote + Microphone

Drawing on half a century of Denon headphone engineering experience, our new headphone models are designed to combine comfort with no-compromise sound. Aimed at those who want the very best sound whether travelling, working or relaxing, the new in-ear models are packed with advanced Denon technologies, designed to deliver the best possible performance from compact, lightweight earphones.


High Quality Driver Technology

The AH-C621R, available in black and white, uses an 11.5mm driver, mounted in housings combining die-cast aluminium and resin. Tuned for a flat EQ curve, it delivers powerful bass and ultimate clarity at the same time.

Remote and Mic

The AH-C621R comes with a high quality cable and a 3-button remote controller including a microphone, letting you control music functions for your iPhone such as Play/Pause, Forward, Rewind, or Volume. Or use it to answer an incoming call or end the call.

Radial Cascade Damper

Audio enthusiasts often complain about the noise generated from the cable rubbing against their chest when they’re moving. Denon’s specially designed Radial Cascade Damper system reduces cable transmitted vibration noise, enabling you to enjoy studio-quality music on the go.

Denon Acoustic Optimiser

Special ports to the front and rear of the housing help equalise the air-pressure in front of and behind the drivers. It’s all part of making the sound as dynamic and distortion-free as possible.

Special Comply Ear-tips

The AH-C621R is fitted with Comply TX400 ear-tips, which combine with the ergonomically-shaped housings to give a secure fit for the purest sound and maximum isolation from external noise. The tips use memory foam activated by the heat of the user’s ears and have an integral wax-guard to keep the inside of the earphones clean.

Denon Audio App

The AH-C621R can be used with the dedicated Denon Audio Application for iOS and Android, allowing you to enhance the sound and tune it to suit your personal preferences.

Included Accessories

  • Easy to go carrying case
  • One pair of Comply TX400 ear-tips
  • Four pairs of silicon ear-tips (XS, S, M, L)
  • Cable Clip

Specs - AH-C621R


Downloads - AH-C621R

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AH-C621R Product Information Sheet

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AH-C621R Owners Manual

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