PMA and DCD 50 receives Highly Commended Award from Hi Fi News

Sep 27, 2015

"I can say that the little Denon set-up not only makes a classy basis for a compact system for use on a desk or in reasonably-sized rooms, but that it also manages to kick up something of  storm when used with large, easy-going speakers…"

"…this little pairing is a whole lot of fun with everything from hi-res DSD files of smoky jazz or intricate chamber works to a bit of mainstream rock and pop spinning on CD, or even using lossless streaming via the computer."

"…vocals and lead instruments are both clean and well defined, with an impressive sense of soundstage depth and focus – even with large-scale orchestral works…"

"Even when you go more mainstream, the Denon will deliver: toward the end of my listening sessions I had it crashing out the recent re-master of Led Zeppelin's "Coda" with real determination…"