New AH-C820W wireless in-ear headphones combine go-anywhere convenience with powerful Denon sound

Nov 20, 2018

We're excited to introduce the new AH-C820W headphones, the first headphones in the world to use dual drivers with our patented Denon Double Air Compression™ technology. These in ear headphones have been designed to deliver powerful bass, ultimate detail, and clarity all in a convenient and highly portable package.

The AH-C820W is the world's only dual-driver wireless in-ear headphone with Denon Double Air Compression Driver™ technology: using two 11.5mm drivers, one in front of the other. This moves more air for powerful, tightly controlled bass despite the ultra compact design of the headphones.

The drivers are mounted in die-cast zinc and resin housings for vibration damping and rigidity: ergonomically shaped for long-term comfort. Denon Acoustic Optimizer ports near the rear of the housings also equalize air pressure behind the drivers, enhancing dynamics and reducing distortion.

The AH-C820W in ear headphones are fitted with Comply TZ500 ear-tips for a perfect fit, isolating outside noise for sonic purity and optimal bass. Activated by body heat, the memory foam moulds itself to the shape of the ears, and there's an integrated wax-guard for hygiene and consistent performance.

Low-latency aptX Bluetooth allows wireless convenience, or the AH-C820W can be connected directly to a PC or laptop via USB for uncompressed sound and can also be connected to an iPhone using a Lightning-USB adapter. The rechargeable battery offers 10 hours of listening, and the neckband has a vibrate function to alert the user of an incoming call on a connected phone.

The free Denon Audio app, available for Android and iOS smartphones, offers audio optimisation for your portable device, a player interface supporting playlists and play queues, and access via the TuneIn Radio platform to more than 70,000 radio stations and two million on-demand programmes.

On the go, on the bus or train, or simply while relaxing, the AH-C820W is the perfect wireless in-ear headphone choice, with the ultimate Denon sound.

The Denon AH-C820W In Ear Headphones will be available through authorised Denon retailers in December, 2018.