Introducing the new Bluetooth-equipped D-M41DAB

May 03, 2017

The all-new D-M41DAB combines the RCD-M41DAB CD receiver and matching SC-M41 speakers, and while the system is based on the highly successful - and multi-award-winning - D-M40DAB, it comes with an entirely new design, from the styling and facilities right through to the audio circuitry, to offer even more performance and value.

Bluetooth is integrated to allow instant wireless connectivity with smartphones, tablets and computers, as part of a package of input choices designed to offer optimal flexibility. The Bluetooth circuitry has been designed complete with an on/off selector, offering convenient wireless connection when required, plus enhanced sound from the other sources like CD, DAB/DAB+, FM or digital in when it's not in use.

The new amplifier circuit delivers 2x30W, so the RCD-M41DAB has more than enough power to drive either the matching SC-M41 speakers or other popular choices (the CD receiver can be bought separately), and there's also a dedicated headphone amplifier section for personal listening.