Flagship Denon AH-D9200 headphones combine innovation, natural materials and Japanese craftsmanship

Sep 25, 2018

As one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high-quality home entertainment products, we are pleased to announce the eagerly-anticipated AH-D9200, the flagship of our headphone range. Combining innovative technology with traditional materials, and hand built in Japan, the new model is designed to become the new reference in over-ear headphones.

Crafted from carefully selected real wood – in this case distinguished Japanese bamboo – as well as die cast aluminium and leather, the AH-D9200 sits at the top of our three-strong Denon ‘Wood Series’, joining the highly acclaimed and award-winning walnut AH-D7200 launched in 2016, and the zebra wood AH-D5200 introduced earlier this year.

The new flagship draws on over 50 years of Denon innovation in headphones, and combines unique technology with class-leading engineering to deliver exceptional sound – whether you listen at home or on the move. Within those natural bamboo ear cups – the material being chosen for its warm, self-damping acoustic properties – the AH-D9200 uses our patented 50mm FreeEdge drivers, made from nanofiber and designed to cancel out any unwanted resonances in the diaphragm. Mounted in vibration-reducing engineered resin baffles, and powered by high-energy magnets made from and alloy of neodymium, iron and boron, the drivers’ design makes it easier for them to reproduce the music without flexing or distortion, for purest possible sound. The unique patterning of the bamboo from which the earpieces are made means no two pairs of the AH-D9200 are the same, and the headphones are hand-crafted at our Shirakawa Audio Works facility, north of Tokyo.

A combination of engineered Japanese leather and memory foam for the ear pads to ensure a precise, comfortable fit, while the aluminium headband’s lightness and minimal side-pressure combine with a natural leather cushion to ensure the headphones will remain in place and maintain comfort even during extended listening sessions.

The AH-D9200 is supplied with two detachable cables: a 3.0m silver-coated oxygen-free copper connector fitted with a 6.3mm plug for home listening, and a shorter 1.3m cable with a 3.5mm plus portable music players. A luxury hard storage case and cleaning cloth will keep the headphones in perfect condition.

Denon AH-D9200 at a glance

- Flagship headphones with Japanese bamboo wood ear cups, handcrafted in Japan

- Patented 50mm FreeEdge nanofiber drivers built for rigidity and low mass, and mounted in vibration-resistant resin baffles for the most accurate sound reproduction

- Powerful neodymium/iron/boron alloy magnets for lower distortion

- Self-damping natural bamboo, giving a warm, accurate sound

- Japanese engineered leather ear-cushions with memory foam, for an accurate fit

- Lightweight die cast aluminium headband with minimal side-pressure and natural leather finish ensures comfort even for long listening sessions

- Two detachable cables supplied: 3.0m with 6.3mm plug for home listening, 1.3m with 3.5mm connector for use with portable devices

- Hard box and cleaning cloth supplied to keep the headphones in pristine condition