DTS:X for X7200

Jan 26, 2016

We are thrilled to announce that the free of charge DTS:X update for your AVR-X7200WA and AVR-X7200W is now available for download. 

Born from our AVR X Series with "Blockbusting 3D Sound", both AVRs are the first models to get a firmware update that adds full DTS:X capability to the already award-winning systems. Soon, the AVR-X6200W and AVR-X4200W will follow. After updating the firmware, all A/V Receivers will be able to run an Audyssey room-equalized DTS:X setup of up to 9.2 or even 11.2 channels, delivering a stunning surround sound experience from literally all directions. Please visit www.denon.com/dtsx for detailed information on your A/V Receiver.