Denon’s Audyssey MultEQ Editor app puts complete home theatre customisation at your fingertips

Apr 03, 2017

The latest Denon audio video products use Audyssey MultEQ for simple, accurate one-touch set-up and calibration of the system to the room in which it's used. The Audyssey technology detects the size, type and configuration of speakers used, and also measures their response in the room for optimal performance - whether running a simple 5.1-channel set-up or a full-blown Dolby Atmos/DTS:X immersive surround system.

AVR owners can now go even further: using the new Audyssey MultEQ Editor app they can go 'under the hood' to view and adjust the settings made by the automatic set-up. They can take full control of every aspect of configuration, allowing detailed tuning and customisation of the sound. This means users can adjust the performance more precisely to cope with any specific problems in their room, and tailor the surround experience to their personal preferences. With this comprehensive app and one of Denon's latest receivers, home cinema enthusiasts can at last not only harness the incredible power of Audyssey MultEQ to simplify the set-up of their home theatre, but take total control of the way their home cinema sounds.

The following models are able to use the app (product availability varies depending on regions):

Denon AV Receiver: AVR-X6300H, AVR-X4300H, AVR-X3300W, AVR-X2300W, AVR-X1300W. Not compatible with Denon models other than those listed above. Selected upcoming 2017 Denon Network AV receivers will also support the app.