DCD 2500NE and PMA 2500NE win Hi Fi News Highly Commended and Outstanding Product awards

Jul 26, 2016

DCD 2500NE – Highly Commended, Hi Fi News

“Whatever appeals to you (or me, for that matter) about Denon’s DCD-2500NE, be it the no-nonsense minimalism or simply the wonderful sound, this machine is a triumph. Sure, I lust after an Esoteric at five or more times the price, but the Law of Diminishing Returns sorts that out for most of us. This is simply a joy to use in every way, the sonics are superb and I could even learn to live without XLRs. SACD lives!”

PMA 2500NE – Outstanding Product, Hi Fi News

“If this is typical of the ‘compleat amplifier’ circa 2016, then I’m dazzled. For under £2k, it covers most contingencies, with sound to charm, admirable build quality and enough power to allow you to ignore any feelings of inadequacy. It even made a reasonable fist of the Wilson Alexias, and the phono section was a total surprise. But this shines because it can be most things to most people in the age of convergence.”