BBC Music Review on HEOS HS2

Jan 26, 2017

"I rated the original HEOS devices from Denon highly, but those models didn't quite have what was needed to knock Sonos off its multi-room top spot. The updated HS2 speaker models deliver the things the original devices eschewed, including hi-res music-streaming compatibility and the ability to stream via Bluetooth. These are two important features to consider if you are looking to replace a hi-fi set-up with a multi-room system. The HEOS 5 is the mid-range offering in the range, sitting between the largest, the HEOS 7 for big open-plan living rooms, and the smallest, the HEOS 3 that is more suitable as a bedroom/kitchen speaker. The HEOS 5 represents a compromise between the two and delivers plenty of power. It would work well in a dining room, small living room or an office. Setting up is easy, which it needs to be given how easy it is to have the competitors kit up and running sonically, there's little to chose from between the Sonos and Denon systems. But, if pushed id say that Denon's HEOS 5 has the edge."

Reviewed by Audio Expert Michael Brook.