What is music streaming: everything you need to know

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Wireless speakers and multi-room audio have gone from being a futuristic dream to an everyday reality that’s affordable to all of us – and it couldn’t be easier to get set up and get started. Whether you’re streaming internet radio or using one of the many music streaming services, such as Spotify, Apple Music and Amazon Prime Music, all you need is a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection, a wireless speaker or sound system and the music itself and within minutes you can be enjoying your favourite tunes as you wander through the house. For everything you need to know about music streaming, read on…


What is music streaming? 


Music streaming is a way of delivering music without having to download files from the internet. No copy of the track (usually an MP3 file) is saved on your phone or computer hard drive, instead the streaming process delivers the audio file as a small package of data that is pre-buffered to play through your device or speakers pretty much immediately. Providing you have a good internet connection that sends those packages without buffering or interruption, you’ll enjoy a seamless listening experience.

But no matter if you’re using downloaded music files or streaming your tunes, one thing hasn’t changed: if you play music direct through your phone or laptop the result will be a tinny, raspy sound coming from inadequate speakers. To make the most of music streaming in the home you need some dedicated kit like Denon’s range of speakers and sound systems.


What are the benefits of music streaming? 


Music streaming services give you access to millions of tracks, ready to instantly play and play again. You’re no longer restricted to your own music library taking up valuable space on your device. Play that music through dedicated streaming devices in the home and you’ll have the freedom to listen to what you want, how you want and where you want. 

It could be one speaker in one room or a multi-room system that no longer requires complex installation or trailing wires from room-to-room. Instead you have wireless speakers connected to your home network that communicate with each other and are controlled by an app or even by your voice.

You can then have different music playing in different rooms or play the same track in unison so that it follows you wherever you go. Why be restricted when it’s so easy to get set up?


Music streaming devices: what do I need? 


A network-ready all-in-one sound system

A network-ready amplifier

Denon makes several products that are perfect for streaming music. For example: 


Denon Home Wireless Speakers.



The best value way to upgrade to top-quality Hi-Fi sound and stream music in your home.There are three options: the compact Denon Home 150 , the mid-size Denon Home 250 for bigger rooms and the ultra-powerful, flagship Denon Home 350 speaker.

All three deliver best-in-class audio quality, expertly tuned by the Denon sound wizards to fill the room with the clearest highs and the deepest lows. They work with the latest voice assistants, like Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Apple Siri so you can ask to play a song, change the volume, skip to the next track and more. And the elegant design, complete with water- and stain-resistant wraparound cloth and a choice of black or white, mean they’ll look the part wherever you place them.

All the essential music streaming services – Spotify, Amazon Music, Tidal, Deezer and more – are fully integrated and ready to play via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or AirPlay 2. And because it’s all organised and controlled using Denon’s HEOS (Home Entertainment Operating System) technology and app, it couldn’t be easier to get connected for multi-room streaming.


Denon CEOL-N10 Music System


The perfect choice if you’re still holding on to that CD collection, the Denon CEOL-N10 is a compact stereo system that combines music streaming with a traditional CD player.
This smart all-in-one will be filling your home with superb Denon-quality sound within minutes of unboxing. You can pop in a CD. You can tune in to Internet Radio. You can stream your playlists from Spotify, Amazon Music, Deezer and the rest. And you can control what you play and how you play it using your voice thanks to Amazon Alexa, Apple Siri and Google Assistant compatibility.

The Denon CEOL-N10 also has built-in HEOS technology so if you want to upgrade to multi-room listening, you can simply group it with other HEOS-compatible speakers throughout the house using your home Wi-Fi network.


Denon DRA-800H Amplifier




Get the ultimate in music streaming sound quality by upgrading to a dedicated amp, like the Denon DRA-800H. A two-channel Hi-Fi network receiver, it delivers hi-res audio, wireless
music streaming, FM/DAB+ radio, 4K UHD with 5 HDMI outputs, plus voice control. Engineered to deliver powerful and precise sound, however you’re listening, the beauty of a network-ready amplifier is it can connect to Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and AirPlay 2 so you can play music from your favourite streaming services. But it’s also ready to be at the heart of your home theatre set up, helping you to enjoy your favourite movies, shows and games with the best picture and sound quality available. It has 5 HDMI inputs and 1 output, all supporting 4K Ultra HD, just add the Denon surround speakers and you’ve basically got your local cinema in your living room.

The Denon DRA-800H also has HEOS tech on board, so going multi-room with your streaming is as easy as dotting Denon Home speakers around the house and letting the music blast!


Best music streaming service UK

The best music streaming services in the UK are:


1. Tidal 


+ Better sound quality available than its rivals

+ Easy-to-use interface

+ 60 million+ music library

– You need the premium service for hi-res, CD-quality streaming


2. Spotify 


+ A free option is available (but includes adverts)

+ Excellent music discovery options tailored to your tastes

+ 45 million+ music library

– No lossless streaming options


3. Apple Music 


+ Works seamlessly with Apple gear

+ Clever music recommendations

+ 45 million+ music library

– For Apple users only, so Android owners should look elsewhere


4. Amazon Music Unlimited


+ Get it cheaper if you’re an Amazon Prime user

+ Wide platform support

+ 50 million+ music library

– User interface and music discovery not as strong as its rivals


5. Deezer 


+ Wide-ranging device support

+ Excellent range of podcasts available

+ 53 million+ music library

– No hi-res streaming option